Clamp-IT is a new smart, mobile phone operated secure bicycle parking unit which attaches to existing Sheffield stands. It is part-funded by the Transport Strategy Board.
The solution addresses the near-universal lack of reliable, secure bike parking and ensures a reduction in bike theft in a tidy, managed built-environment.  It delivers a service to private bike owners who have been overlooked in the focus on bike share schemes, and is universal, supporting the majority of bike types, makes and sizes.
Our solution is designed to reduce bicycle theft, the second greatest deterrent to cycling in the UK after inadequate cycling infrastructure. The solution is internet connected, monitored and managed.  It provides peace of mind for the bike user and will bring about a sea-change in bike use and management.

Clamp-IT - who benefits?



It deters bike thieves

Local community

Less congestion, better air quality


Cycling brings savings, improves fitness


Healthier employees are more productive


Fitter society leads to fewer NHS costs

Train operators

Safe bikes encourage more train journeys

Local Authorities

Supports LTP3 ambitions


Strengthens green credentials


Brings people back to town centres


Fewer bike thefts means fewer reports


Easy and reliable to use

Universal – fits most bikes


Internet connected

Solar powered

Supports a range of scheme designs

Owners/sponsors advertising area on 2 sides



Free to user if sponsored

Deters bike theft

Cyclists do not have to carry their own locks

Attachable to existing bike stands

Fabric sleeve prevents bike scratches

Turnkey service for owners and sponsors


Security measures

Security accredited to highest industry standard

12mm case hardened security chain

Tamperproof Clamp-IT lock casing prevents access to locking device