The problem

  • The Government’s Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy seeks to make cycling ‘the natural choices for the shorter journey, or as part of a longer journey’.
  • 24% of people give up cycling as a result of the theft of their bike (Transport Research Laboratory 'Cycle Theft in Britain')
  • £1 billion is to be spent by the Government over 2018/23 to encourage cycling (CWIS 1)
  • £2 billion package to create new era for cycling and walking (9th May 2020)
  • Total loss from bicycle theft is put at £230 million by recent Home Office study
  • There are an estimated 895 bike theft/day, and the Police advise that 4 times more bikes are stolen than reported.
  • This brings the total number of bikes stolen/day to an estimated 4,475 - equivalent to nearly 3/minute
  • 80% of bike thefts have locks on the bike when they are stolen

Our solution is Clamp-IT

  • A unit that attaches to existing on-street Sheffield stands
  • Is controlled via an app using RFID technology
  • Is solar powered
  • Will connect through WiFi where there is insufficient GPRS signal
  • Will work under canopies and dedicated bike shelters
  • Is free to the user