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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I register? 
Download the Clamp-IT app and click Register

Q2 What identification do I need to give?
Use your smart phone and provide your name, mobile number, email and postcode

Q3 Can I register on my mobile, laptop or iPad? 
You can only register through the Clamp-IT mobile app

Q4 How much does it cost to hire one of the units?
It costs nothing. These units are free to the user.

Q5 How do I find a stand to hire?
When you have registered, the locations that you can use are listed in the Maps section

Q6 What does a red LED mean?
A red LED means that the unit is out of order and will be repaired shortly.

Q7 And a green one? 
A green LED means that the unit is available for use as set out in How to use

Q8 Are all stands without a bike locked to them available for use? 
Yes you can use any unit/stand which is not in use except the green ones which are reserved for use by a specific community for use by their staff or students, e.g., hospitals or universities

Q9 If I have registered, why can’t I access a Clamp-IT lock?
Only those individuals that are invited to join a particular community by their Systems Administrator can use the green units. The Systems Administrator therefore has control over those that are given access. If access has been denied and you believe you are part of that community, check with the Systems Administrator.

Q10 If my registration has been approved, why can I still not access a green Clamp-IT unit?
You might check that the mobile you are using has the same details on it that you used when you first completed your registration. Alternatively you might check that your log in details are correct.

Q11 What do I do if the chain does not go around my saddle post and through the rear wheel?
We regret that we will not be able to offer you the service that we intended. Please use the Contact us section so that we can try and make adjustments to our unit to fit your bike in future.

Q12 How am I supposed to close the shutter door on the chain?
Once the chain has been placed on the hook, push down the shutter door until you hear a ‘click’. In line with How to use, the chain will then be securely locked. Try and pull the chain and see? If the chain has not been properly hooked on to the chain, the shutter door will not be allowed to lock.

Q13 How do I know that the shutter is shut properly?
Check that the LED is no longer flashing green in line with the instructions in How to use. Alternatively check on My Dashboard, where a locked unit can be clearly seen.

Q14 How do I know that my hire period has started?
You can see if the LED is no longer flashing in line with How to use. You can also access your dashboard in the Log in page and see that the website indicates that your hire has started.

Q16 As it is free, can I leave my bike there for 2 weeks whilst I go away?
No, as set out in How to use, this facility is designed for short term use only. Those that have not removed their bikes for 72 hours may have them removed by the System Administrator.

Q17 What happens if I start the process then change my mind after accessing the lock?
Nothing. The process, clearly set out in How to use, is that the user must access the app before every use. The Clamp-IT process will always respect the registration of the last customer to apply to hire any stand. The system rests itself after 3 minutes if any customer changes their mind.

Q18 What happens if I cannot release my bike?
You should check that you are using the right identification as set out in How to use. Are you using the same phone as when you locked it? Are you trying to release the correct lock? If still unable to release the bike, contact the Call Centre and notify the System Administrator

Q19 Can I allow my friend to de-hire my bike? 
That must be for you to judge. In terms of How to use, we require the same mobile phone to be presented on any de-hire as when the stand was originally hired. Please see Terms and conditions.

Q20 What do I do if I lock my bike then lose my mobile – how do I release my bike?
You must contact the Call Centre and notify your System Administrator.

Q21 What do I do if my bike gets stolen?
You must contact the Call Centre, notify your System Administrator and report it to the Police.

Q22 How do I know that my hire period has ended?
In line with How to use, your period of hire will end when you present your mobile phone to the unit and enter your 5 digit code, thereby instructing the unit to release the chain.

Q23 What do I do if I wish to report a fault?
Navigate to the Dashboard on the Clamp-IT app where you can report a fault. Alternatively you can call the Call Centre and notify your System Administrator.

Q24 What do I do if the end of my chain is dirty?
Directions for use, as set out in How to use, explicitly requires users to re-hook their chain once any hire is completed. To clean the end of the chain of dirt and mud would be most appreciated. Both Yellowbike and the System Administrator, though the contact us facility,  will be happy to know if you find the chain still dangling on the ground on your arrival at the unit.

Q25 What do I do if my chain appears to be damaged?
Please do not use the lock. Please advise the Call Centre and notify the System Administrator.